My Work Experience

Who am I?

  • My name is Joshua Merfield
  • I am 17 and have a large interest incomputers and the IT industry

What I do

  • I currently go to Bromley College to study general ICT.
  • I am working on basic home networking, computer hardware/software and website design/HTML

Why I am doing work experience

  • It will help me to learn more about designing and building a website using HTML
  • It will help me to find out if this is the part of IT that I am interested in and want to stick with
  • It will help me to know what it is like to be working in the IT industry

What is this website about?

  • This website will show you my progress through each day of my work experience, What I have achieved and what I have not achieved
  • By the end of this website you will see how I have progressed, what I have learnt and if I have been successful in what I wanted to achieve